Top 10 best laundry tub drain strainers in 2022

In today’s market, what’s the laundry tub drain strainers available today? It’s normal for customers to become overwhelmed while trying to discover a suitable brand for shopping due to the abundance of possibilities. There are far too many options on the market, many of which are low-quality knock-offs.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of ten various laundry tub drain strainers brand possibilities that we’ve examined and researched in order to assist you in making an informed decision.

10 laundry tub drain strainers: Editor Recommended

10 laundry tub drain strainers Review:

1. Seatery 1.50″ Bathtub Strainers, Bathroom Sink Strainers, Shower Drain Hair Catcher, Drain Strainer For Laundry, Mop Pool, Utility, Slop, RV Sink, Stainless Steel, Pack-2

Features :

  • [SIZE] 2.52″ Top diameter, 1.50″ Basket diameter, this strainer is great for 1.50″ drain. PLEASE CAREFULLY CHECK THE DIAMETER OF YOUR DRAIN SIZE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. We have other sizes of sink strainer (ex. 1.25″ and 1.75″), I recommend choosing the largest size strainer basket according to your drain size, which will make your drainage smoother.
  • [PREMIUM MATETIAL] Our drain hair catcher is made of 304 stainless steel, rust-free, and Overall thickening, which is more sturdy, durable and not deformed.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] With mirror surface, no oil stains, can be easily cleaned by just washing with water.
  • [SMOOTH DRAINAGE] Basket with full mesh design. This tub strainer can effectively grab the hair and debris, and not make the draining slowly.
  • [SAVE MONEY and ENVIRONMENT] A single plumber visit can cost hundreds. Drain snakes and liquid drain cleaners are a hassle to use and aren’t always effective—not to mention the toll they take on the environment and on your pipes.

Additional Info :

Color Silver

2. Seatery 2PCS Bathtub Drain Strainers, Shower Drain Filter Baskets, Stainless Steel Drain Hair Catcher for Bathroom Laundry Floor Drain, Fit for 1.65″-3.0″ Drain Hole

Features :

  • [SIZE]3.0 x 1.65 x 0.51 inch, 0.08 inch drain pore, with large basket for collected hair and debris. Fit for the drain hole between 1.65 inch to 3.0 inch.
  • [PREMIUM MATETIAL] Our drain hair catcher is made of 304 stainless steel, rust-free, and Overall thickening, which is more sturdy, durable and not deformed.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] With mirror surface, no oil stains, can be easily cleaned by just washing with water.
  • [SMOOTH DRAINAGE] Full bore cistern designed with 0.08 inch diameter poles.This tub strainer can effectively grab the hair and debris, and not make the draining slowly.
  • [SAVE MONEY and ENVIRONMENT] A single plumber visit can cost hundreds. Drain snakes and liquid drain cleaners are a hassle to use and aren’t always effective—not to mention the toll they take on the environment and on your pipes.

Additional Info :

Color Silver

3. Bathroom Sink Strainer 2 Pack 2.75 & 2 “Inch At The Top I Drain Strainer Hair Catcher for Kitchen I Shower Bathtub Mesh Stainless Steel Stopper I Sink Traps Bathroom & Laundry Sink Drain Basket Filter

Features :

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Our package includes 2 Packs of stainless steel sink strainer one is for the bathroom sink drain strainer and the other is for the kitchen sink drain strainer. These sink strainers are perfect for any drain in your house. Save your stomach the stench of snaking up 5-year-old gunk and hair out of a clogged drain. The sink traps generous capacity to retain residues without obstructing the flow of water.
  • DIFFERENT DRAINS, DIFFERENT STRAINS: Have you ever wondered why different drains are different sizes? We haven’t either. We just make these bathroom & kitchen drain strainers in 2 different sizes and don’t ask questions. The bigger one is a 2.75″ drain sink screen strainer in diameter at the top, and a 1.25″ where it goes into the drain. The smaller one is a 2-inch sink strainer at the top and a 1″ at the bottom.
  • ULTRA-FINE MESH: The stainless steel sink filters contain a metal flat rim that fits over the sink and bathtub drain, and the strainer for sink & bathtub has no sharp edges, so it won’t scratch or harm your sink or hands. The mesh sink strainer wires allow liquid to flow fast into the drain while blocking particulates. Bathroom sink & bathtub drain strainers are made of quality rust-resistant and reliable stainless steel.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Our sink strainer stopper comes in standard sizes. The majority of drains are within the size range of these sink strainer guards. These drain catcher kitchen strainers are not only for the kitchen sink; they can also be used in the bathroom, washroom, bathtubs, laundry sink strainer, and the among other places. The sink catcher strainer is simple to install and made of strong stainless steel for regular use.
  • NO MORE CLOGGING – By placing a mesh drain strainer, also known as a hair catcher, in your bathroom tub sink strain allows water to flow freely while catching undesired hair and other material that might clog your drains. Hair and particles should be thrown away in the trash, and you should just have to rinse. The screen for bathroom sink drain design is simple and easy cleaning with minimal effort sink mesh strainer

Additional Info :

Color Stainless-steel

4. LotFancy 30 Packs Bathroom Sink Strainer, 2.75″ Top Shower Drain Strainer, Stainless Steel Hair Catcher for Lavatory, Balcony, Laundry Room, Garage, Utility Sinks

Features :

  • DIMENSIONS: Total Width: 2-3/4”, Mesh width: 1 1/8”, Depth: 1 1/8”; The 2-3/4” outer diameter allows for use in most standard bathtub, laundry sink, garage sink drains; Note: Please carefully check your sink drain dimensions before purchasing
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The mesh sink strainer is made of sturdy 304 stainless steel; rust and stain resistant; Strong and durable and will last for years, keeps drains clear
  • ANTI-CLOGGING: Placing a mesh strainer, hair catcher in your bathroom tub drain allows water to flow freely while it catches unwanted hair and other debris that can clog your bathtub drains; Throw away hair and particles in the trash and simply rinse off
  • WIDE USAGE: This wire mesh sink strainer fits over 1 1/4” standard bathroom sink drains; Perfect for balcony drain, floor drain, bathroom sinks, wash basin, shower drains, utility sinks; laundry tub, washroom drain, etc.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 30Pcs sink drain strainers, you can clean them out and reuse them; but simply toss when you want

Additional Info :

Color Stainless-steel

5. Laundry Tub Strainer with Rubber Stopper 1-7/8 to 2-1/4 Inch, Universal Fit, Chrome

Features :

  • TOP QUALITY. Made of high quality, rust proof, anti-corrosive stainless steel that can also withstand high water pressure to ensure long product life. Also comes in with a rubber stopper to cover the drain. stoppers
  • STEEL BASKET. Designed with a 1-7/8 to 2-1/4 Inch body for a standard fit for all types of drain pipes and bath tub drainers.
  • SECURED. Trap and stop food waste or other debris to make sure that your pipe is protected from any clogging. Also built with bar holes for draining water easily and avoid any overflow.
  • WIDE APPLICATION. Can also be installed indoors or outdoors. Whether you plan to place it in in your kitchen sinks, bathroom and pool/beach shower area, outdoor sink or laundry room, even mobile showers such as an RV or trailer, we guarantee that it will get the job done.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. Experience a hassle free installation. No expert plumbers needed to install. Make it a fun activity with your kids or simply a do-it-yourself project. A perfect replacement kit for your old and worn out strainers.

6. CNSZNAT 2pcs Bathtub Drain Strainer- Small Bathroom Sink Strainer Wide Rim 2.17″ Diameter Stainless Steel Drain Hair Catcher Perfect for Bathtub and Utility Sink Laundry Tub.

Features :

  • 【PLEASE CAREFULLY CHECK DRAIN DIMENSION BEFORE YOU PURCHASE】CNSZNAT hair catcher shower drain fits most drains for bathtub and utility sink laundry tub , fits 1.5″-1.6″ drains.
  • 【Premium Material】 This bathtub drain hair catcher is made of quality rust-free, durable and reliable stainless steel. Can be reused to help you save plumbing fee. Perfect for daily usage for long-lasting protection against draining clogging.
  • 【Micro-Perforation】: 2mm holes evenly distributed on the bottom of the tub drain cover, and the side holes are a bit smaller . The bowl-shaped design and heavy duty large wide rim provides a secure and perfect fit so that keep the tub hair catcher in place , that allows not moving and blocking all hair and debris.
  • 【Easy to Use, Easy to Clean】The tub strainer is easy to install, just put it over the drain hole and start working. And it is also very easy to wash with warm soapy water to keep the mirror finish shine impeccable over time.

Additional Info :

Color Stainless-steel
Item Dimensions
Height 0.6
Width 2.2
Length 2.2
Weight 33

7. NTVKID Shower Drain Stopper, TPE/TPR Drain Hair Catcher, Flex Silicone Strainer for Shower/Bathtub/Laundry/Bathroom Laundry/Tub/Floor Drain/Kitchen Sink

Features :

  • ✅EXCELLENT PRODUCT-Designed with a good seal, our drain stopper can stop water and cooking trash from going down the drain.
  • ✅Keeps water and toys from flowing down as well as prevents undue blockage. Stops smell from the sewage and keep away fleas from your sink.
  • ✅Enjoyable Experience-As a hair catcher, innovative center drain holes are added, speed up the drainage when trapping hair.. With the size of 5.12” *5.12”, suitable for flat and pop-up drains.
  • ✅It is tightly fixed on the drainpipe without leakage and is durable. With the size of 5.12” *5.12”, suitable for flat and pop-up drains.
  • ✅ VERSATILE-Fits most bathroom bathtub, kitchen, laundry, sinks. Thanks to its flexible design it can shape to fit most basins, sinks, bathtubs, and drains.
  • ✅Note: The size of the sinkhole should be between 1.3 inches and 3.7 inches. It is not suitable for buckle holes.
  • ✅EASY TO MAINTAIN-Unlike most drain stoppers, our sink strainers are stain-proof and easy to clean and move. You can wash with either warm water or soap.
  • ✅ Enjoyable Experience As a hair catcher, innovative center drain holes are added, speed up the drainage when trapping hair.
  • ✅ Easy to Clean Whole shaped technology, no gap to get the hair stuck. It takes virtually no time or effort to clean it up!
  • ✅More: If you want more products, please click on the top blue shop name- NTCZH, you can also tell us by e-mail you want the style, we will try to serve you, thanks.

Additional Info :

Color White

8. Hair Catcher Durable Silicone Hair Stopper Slip-Proof Shower/Bathtub Drain Covers with Suction Cup Clog Prevention Drain Strainers Suitable for Bathroom, Laundry, Bathtub, Kitchen 3 PCS

Features :

  • 【Safe Design】The hair drain cover are made of high-quality silicone, soft-touch surface is safer for children and pets. Compared with the stainless steel bathtub drain hair catcher, it is safer and never rusts.
  • 【Slip-Proof Design】To avoid all accidents, our shower drain cover hair catcher have added 4 suction cups on the bottom of the flat silicone plug that prevents any sliding or slipping on a wet floor. This way, using your shower is easier and safer than ever before.
  • 【Easy to Remove and Install]】Put the drain hair catcher in the corresponding sink. While removing, just grab the clump out of the catcher and keep going.
  • 【Widely Use Drain Strainers】The hair catcher can be used in kitchen sink to stop food bits going down plug hole, or used in bath/shower to trap hairs, make your drain keep smooth and clean. Suitable for bathroom, laundry, bathtub, kitchen etc.
  • 【Warm Tips】The shower hair drain catcher is used on smooth tiles, bathtubs and floors. It is not suitable for rough, convex and granular bathroom places, otherwise it will not suck up.

Additional Info :

Color White, Blue, Black

9. EZ-FLO 30041 Stainless Steel Laundry Tray Plug with Rubber Stopper Strainer for Bathtub or Bathroom, 2.9 x 2.9 x 2″

Features :

  • ✅DESIGN- Designed to make your bathroom look modern and stylish.
  • ✅QUALITY- Made of stainless steel for a reliable, rust-free service during every use.
  • ✅MEASUREMENT- Designed to fit the standard drain size of 1-7/8 inch to 2-1/4 inches. The flange measures 2-7/8 inches.
  • ✅FUNCTIONALITY- A rubber stopper is included to close the drain.
  • ✅EASY INSTALLATION- The laundry tray plug fits utility sinks and also includes a rubber stopper for easy placement and removal from the sink drain.

Additional Info :

Color Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions
Height 2.9
Width 2.9
Length 2
Weight 0.5

10. CNSZNAT Bathroom Sink Strainer, 4-Pack Bathtub Hair Catcher Stainless Steel Wide Rim Small Strainer, Perfect for Bathroom Sink Bathtub Basin Floor Drain Utility Sink Laundry Tub (2.2” 2pcs+2.75” 2pcs)

Features :

  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDES】Comes in a set of 4pcs bathtub drain strainers in two sizes: XS size : 2.17” Top diameter, 1.46″ lip (will insert into drain) , 1.22”strainer, 0.6”depth; S size: 2.75” Top diameter, 1.75″ lip (will insert into drain), 1.5” strainer , 0.75”depth.(see size picture)
  • 【PERFECT COMPACITILITY】 Our small drain strainer fits Bathroom sink drain, Bathtub drain, Floor shower drain, Utility sink, Laundry tub drain, RV and Basin drain 1.5 inch to 2.3 inch. Please be sure to measure the sink drain hole before purchase. It is recommended to be used XS strainer on drain hole diameter between 1.5″-1.6″ and S strainer on 1.8”-2.3” .
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】This bath tub hair catcher is made of quality rust-free, sturdy and durable stainless steel. Shiny wid rim keep it in place and provides a nice looking, the bowl-shaped strainer area with many small holes to catch all hairs, jewelry or any other stuff while allowing the water to flow freely.
  • 【SAVE MONEY】No need for hundreds on costly plumber bills, no need for troublesome tools on unclogging pipes. You could have prevented these from the beginning. Isn’t it?
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN 】For daily clean work, just use a tissue pick up the hairs or other stuff after a bath or shower, no need to remove it . For deep clean after a couple of days, you can use a ice cream stick or any slim stick instead of finger to rise it and then wash with warm soapy water . Very simple and easy.

Additional Info :

Color Stainless Steel

Important Aspects to Consider When Choosing laundry tub drain strainers:

How we Picked the Top laundry tub drain strainers

Most of the items mentioned are not hand-picked. The list was generated by AI. But we can guarantee that every product included here has been tried and tested by real people, reviewed by experts, and recommended by real people.


Cost and performance are essential factors to consider when acquiring a laundry tub drain strainers. More enterprises entering the laundry tub drain strainers market means more options for quality and performance. The most expensive laundry tub drain strainers does not always indicate the best decision for you and your money. Many low-cost models offer excellent performance and comfort.


A brand with high-quality products and outstanding customer service is the ideal choice for laundry tub drain strainers. Good brand products are created with extreme care and precision, and they will always be available to answer your questions, correct any product flaws, or refund your money if any damage is found.


Before you click the buy now button or add items to your shopping cart, make sure the product fulfills your requirements.
Specs matter while choosing a product. They define the product’s capabilities. With so many options available, it’s vital to pick the correct one.
Choose the laundry tub drain strainers precision-engineered to fit your demands.
Performance, features, and affordability are the three primary factors to consider when comparing specifications. Each of these criteria has a role in your final choice. Considering all of them ensures you got the most value for money.


The world is filled of great laundry tub drain strainers, making it difficult to choose. A decision can be made by looking at the design. Materials used in manufacture, color scheme, and even visual weighing all contribute to a product’s overall design. Knowing this can help you locate a product that exactly meets your tastes and demands.

Customer Ratings

Many individuals consider customer reviews while making purchase selections. It’s easy to see why: who knows a product better than those who have used it? When deciding which product to buy, looking through customer reviews can give you a good indication of how others felt about their experience. Not everyone will enjoy every product, and some people will be more likely to post a review than others. Overall, customer evaluations are a good reflection of how happy people are with a product.

Stability and Control

We weighed the stability and control of a laundry tub drain strainers in determining its performance.
Keep in mind the item’s stability and control.
We consider the product’s impact on our lives and how we will feel when utilizing it.


Nobody likes to be uncomfortable or constrained when doing what they love. When deciding whether to use a product, consider its comfort laundry tub drain strainers. There are various sorts of laundry tub drain strainers that provide stability, control, and comfort. If you buy a fishing kayak, you don’t want to spend the whole trip thinking about how badly you want to get out because your back hurts or your feet are tired.


The manner a laundry tub drain strainers is designed and built, as well as the material used, determine its durability. Select the laundry tub drain strainers that can tolerate wear, pressure, and damage.

Also, make sure it has a streamlined style that fits everywhere. A busy mom or a construction worker will appreciate this product’s durability.

What Are Today’s Most Popular laundry tub drain strainers Models?

There are many laundry tub drain strainers items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every laundry tub drain strainers model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.
It’s no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and we’ve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

How to Choose the Most Popular laundry tub drain strainers

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.
Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.
Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.
Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.


1: How much is laundry tub drain strainers?

laundry tub drain strainers come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. It’s difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You don’t know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as laundry tub drain strainers.

2. Is laundry tub drain strainers worth it?

We are, without a doubt, a disposable civilization. We’re continually assaulted with ads advertising the latest and greatest laundry tub drain strainers. But are they laundry tub drain strainers worth our money? Some of them are if you pick wisely! Some, not so much.

3. Is it time to get a new laundry tub drain strainers

You’re looking for a new laundry tub drain strainers. What do you think? It’s difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

4. What is the laundry tub drain strainers?

Sorry if you’re perplexed. I know it’s not an easy choice! But it’s one of the most crucial choices you’ll ever make. If you’re still unsure which type of laundry tub drain strainers is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the laundry tub drain strainers listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

5. Why should I buy a laundry tub drain strainers?

You can tell if you need or want a laundry tub drain strainers by looking at your existing inventory. You probably don’t need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.
This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations.

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